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Imagine Gifts & Boutique is a family owned business that makes handmade, hand-sculpted quality candles using environmentally green products.


It first started out as a mother-daughter team with a small boutique called Imagine Gifts & Boutique in Sequim, Washington. Our shop was listed in the April 2012 issue of sunset Magazine due to our handcrated bath and unique candle items that we handmade.


We have now opened a wholesale division in which we have incorporated our whole family. Many of you have met our awesome sales representatives (Father & Son) team at the craft shows that we attend.


Each of our cupcake candles are handsculpted by us to immulate the look and smell of a real cupcake. We have now added to our soy candle line "Drink Candles" and "Cupcake in a Tin Candles".


We use All Natural American Kosher Soy Wax which burns cleaner than most candles on the market today that use parrafin wax. Soy candles last three times longer than petroleum-based candles that have an incredible scent with little to no black soot. Burn time can last approximately 30 to 40 hours.


Be sure to follow the candle instructions included in your order.


We have included another handmade line which is our Bath & Body Collection. This collection of products are paraben free, as well as our shampoo product line that is sulfate free. We have added vitamins and botanical extracts so that you can feel fresh and natural all over. Try the diferrence, you'll be glad that you did!


We want to welcome you to our family and we know that you will enjoy all our wonderful natural products that include: Medical grade and/or organic essential oils that are high quality fragrances which contain no Phthalates and Nitro Musk free.


We are proud to be a family owned company in Sequim, Washington...please be sure to help support American made products like ours!

Imagine Gifts & Boutique | Home of the Northwest Candle
Imagine Gifts & Boutique | Home of the Northwest Candle
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